Thursday, August 31, 2006

Come on... Y-M-C-A!

What is my life coming to? I am afraid I may be letting my people down. Only 3 days left and I haven't even had one rehearsal. Not even a tiny little mini one while in the shower. Of course, I have known this was coming for months and months. Ulco even stood out in the rain to make sure we could go and now as the day approaches, I am afraid I may end up Vouge-ing out of sync. What if when Madonna tells us to to "come on, vogue" I accidentally do the "Y-M-C-A?" And what if I spell it wrong? What if SHE sees me and laughs at me and puts me up the big monitors so the whole stadium can laugh at me? And what if, when I look down I realize I forgot to get dressed before leaving the house? What will I do then? What if I mistakenly shout out the c-word just as the music stops and everyone looks at me with expressions of mortification written across their faces? This Sunday may very well turn out to be the single most horrible experience of my entire life. Ok, maybe the second most horrible, there is still that whole prom picture incident... and then the one involving a gorilla, one of those fruity drinks with an umbrella in it and a Mother Therese impersonator... and then there's that instant mashed potato incident which nearly brought down a low ranking government official... My there does seem to be a few of them... But it will still be way up there... I just hope I live to tell.

But to every dark cloud there is a silver lining... 12 years of living in the Netherlands and finally, finally I have discovered not only good, but great Mexican food. Once again Adam (thanks Adam!) has scored major points in the food department. The Taco Shop in Amsterdam (Amsteldijk and Tolstraat) is Mexican food like my mama would have made had she been born south of the border and named something like Juanita Maria Teresita Sanchez de la Siesta y Garcia.

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  1. Anonymous1/9/06 12:25

    SHE will be proud of us !

    Nice to read all your story's.

    X LM