Sunday, August 06, 2006


I am freshly back from wanting the buy the world a Coke, but I was a couple of euros short of making that dream a reality. Oh what an interesting time gay pride can be. In spite of my many initial misgivings, it was actually not bad. A houseboat party, some wine, bobbing around the canals in the tiny little boat, roof terrace parties and great friends made the day quite enjoyable. I ended the party part of the day around 9 pm and spent the rest of the evening sitting on a terrace engaged in a conversation about all the ills of modern life.

I just had a conversation tonight with someone about gay pride and how much we dislike it and how gay people do themselves and the rest of us a disservice. So many gay people talk all the time about wanting to be treated just like everyone else, want the same advantages and priveleges as everyone else, and then as soon as gay pride comes around, or they get any type of media attention they go out of their way to show how different they are, feeding on the steroetypes they complain about for the rest of the year. Greg and I initially started this discussion with a fashion director for a gay magazine and he became instantly bored and ultimately walked off. Funny how people can be so engrossed and passionate about nothing, yet as soon as you bring up a topic that affects life, those same people lose interest.

With war in Lebanon, Israel and Iraq, and nuclear (or as some of my friends say, nucular) threats in North Korea and Iran, it was a nice distraction to come across the more relevant issues of the day, namely "Will outpatient rehab be enough for Mel?". Well, with Jodie Foster pulling for you, how can it not be enough? Of course she says Mr. Gibson is not at all anti-semetic. I guess Jodie has another name for hateful slurs against Jewish people. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, that obviously doesn't mean it is a duck. Perhaps a wolf in duck's clothing? I am so easily confused...

And in sporting news, I see that TV stars, actors and models are in a World Series of Poker. Silly me, I never realized how much of a sport poker is. If sporting is good for the health and physique, and gambling (the poker game had a $10,000 anti) is considered a sport, does that mean that by playing the slots I'm working out my triceps? And would bending over the Roulette or Craps tables to make bets be considered abdominal work?

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