Thursday, August 03, 2006


This weekend is gay pride in Amsterdam. There will be all sorts of parties and Saturday one of the main canals will be filled with boats and scantily clad people all trying the get the attention of the crowds lining the canals or shock the unknowing tourists. I am not really a fan of the weekend, usually preferring to leave the country and leave the partying to others. This year, due to an oversight, I am staying in Amsterdam and will have to brave the crowds of the tourists that pile into the city for the weekend. If tonight was any indication of the way the weekend will go, it is going to be one long and uncomfortable weekend here in the Venice of the North. I am planning on keeping everything low key, low alcohol and definitely low drama. Fortunately for me, I have a couple of great books to dive into and am looking forward to spending some time alone and relaxing... I would prefer to be joining Paul to Tel Aviv, but will have to be content being jealous and waiting for my own turn. '

Today I wasn't feeling well... not sure if it was a touch of the stomach virus that seems to be going around the office or something I ate, but whatever it was, my stomach was not happy. So after my conference calls where finished, I did what anyone in my situation would do, I met up with friends for some champagne. Surprisingly enough, the stomach pains subsided almost immediately and then it was time to go to Envy for some dinner with my new friend (yes, friend with a little f) Nik. Aah, peppers with cheese, sweetbread and asparagus, scallops with thinly sliced beets and turnips, slow roasted veal... and all washed down with some cheap yet drinkable perseco. We had one of those talks over dinner where walls get lowered and our real selves start coming out. He's a great guy and I am happy we are becomming friends. After dinner, we headed to Arc, the local cocktail bar for a last drink before turning out noses toward our respective homes. Now that I am here, my stomach seems to be rebelling again...

Over the years I have had several people ask me to type out my journal for the trip I did through India and Nepal several years ago. I have yet to do it in spite of all the promises to others and myself. I have decided to publish it here, in little installments, hopefully with the first chapter coming out this weekend. I will elaborate on my journal writings with the memories I have but didn't have the time or patience to write about at that moment.

Well, as I am somewhat ill, I should probably tuck myself into bed straight away and get a good nights rest so I am all fresh for another day at the office.

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