Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just Another Day

I have to confess here and now, I am head over heals in love and have been ever since I looked into those big brown eyes and got a big sloppy kiss right on the lips. Her name is Annie, she's about 6 months old, has a cold nose and runs around saying things like "bark!" and "woof!" a lot... She belongs to a friend of mine and I hope I get to borrow her now and again for quality time in the park. I would like to have a dog, but I have neither the schedule or space for one and I don't like little dogs that can accidentally get flushed down the toilet if one isn't careful.

As much as I was expecting, hoping and even wanting to hate it, I just can't. It pains me to say this, but I actually like the new Paris Hilton single "Turn It Up" - especially the Paul Oakenfold remix. Perhaps it is something I ate, I'm not really sure why. It just happened. And speaking of just happening, according to one of the top news stories on, Britney wasn't planning her second baby, it just kind of happened. How does a baby just kind of happen? Did she forget to jump up and down after sex?

It seems as though I am not the only one to have caught blogger fever, Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has jumped on the free speech bandwagon. Anyone interested in reading it (yes, it comes in a variety of languages) can find if here (If you get the arabic version, you can change the language by clicking on the the flags under his photo on the right side). Of course there are also polls you can vote in - The question today is: "Do you think that the US and Israeli intention and goal by attacking Lebanon is pulling the trigger for another world war?"

I also came across a great commentary by Lou Dobbs which you can find here. All about how great it is to be a superpower. I wish I had written it, actually.

And my video recommendation of the day is: Sorority Girls From Hell

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