Saturday, August 26, 2006


I Googled myself. And I keep doing it. It all started yesterday when a colleague of mine came up to me and asked how my sister Laura was. I was shocked, a bit stunned but then timidly answered ... "um, ok, I guess..." It seems that in a moment of boredom he Googled me. And not only did he come across my name... I was number 3! I couldn't believe it. I rushed to the nearest browser, typed in my own name, which I misspelled the first time, and there I was. Number 3 on the Google results. Me. Little me. Suddenly I feel a sense of responsiblity. I feel like the male Oprah Winfrey of the internet, destined to be a role model, an inspriation to the peoples of the world... Red and yellow, black or white, come on over to my blog.

Oh no! The world is watching. People will know what I ate. Where I go. What I do. Now I wonder if my hair looks good. If I look older. Wiser. Less competent. Do these jeans make me look fat? I realize I have absolutely no idea. I can feel the eyes of the world weighing down on me, hammering me into submission but I will not give in. I will be a beacon. I will not let down the tired and huddled masses that flock to me for advice, look to me for inspiration and hang on my every word wondering what the underlying moral message is.

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