Friday, August 11, 2006

All The News...

I now know that at least one person is reading my ramblings and I was asked something I thought I would clarify. It was unclear why I was talking about stupid headlines from CNN... The point was, to show the absurdity of it all. With the wars, genocide, dictators, nuclear threats, AIDS deaths, child labour, an environment that is crashing down around our ears and on and on and on, I do not see why items such as Paris Hilton's celibacy decision get labelled as news... And not just any news, I pull all of those stories off the top of the CNN website, where they have been displayed as the main stories of interest. I have long wondered what good we could do in the world if we gave the same amount of time and intensity to poverty or illiteracy as we did to pondering if Janet's wardrobe really did malfunction. Who cares. Who cares if she showed both breasts? Bring 'em on, I say! Nobody was killed, no countries were invaded, no species were extinguished, nobody died of hunger as a direct result.

This first came up for Ulco and I several years ago, when we flipped on the TV, turned to CNN and saw the headline "The World Reacts", which was about Elian Gonzales being sent back to live with his father. The fact of the matter is, the world didn't care. Most people on the planet had never heard of him, and are probably far worse off in their situation than he is.

So, that's where those stories come from and why they are there... I don't go scouring sites for the most stupid stories, these are what the media feel we should be concerned with...

Like the car accident in which 4 penguins and some tropical fish were killed but the octopus was totally unharmed. The octopus has until now refrained from making any anti-semetic comments.

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  1. Robb, you just crack me up!!

    As I said to a friend this morning, "It is a sad day when the London airport incident makes Page 3 news, and Mel 'Golly, I'm really really sorry but give me another drink and I'll say it again' Gibson makes Page 1."

    Thanks for the moment of levity and laughter!