Friday, August 04, 2006

The India Journals (Part 4)

5 October - Tashkent, Uzbekistan - 02:00

...Still waiting... One of the guys that has been here for 4 months (thought it was 5), translated for us to try to get us some imformation about our visas or changing flights (anything to get out of here). We have been told there is a flight to Delhi at 7 or 8 in the morning. There is no flight information here, so anything we hear is not at all reliable. We also have learned that there is someone else here from the Netherlands that has been here now for 2 days in a similar situation. It is not looking good but still hoping we get to leave soon. The good news is that they just called one of the guys from our flight that is in the same situation so perhaps we will be next. I am tired but can't sleep. The guard's radio keeps going off and the music from the kitchen is very loud. I am also nervous about all of our things being here. We have packed only the essentials and can't risk anything getting stolen. Of course, I doubt that would happen as there is an armed guard posted here and there is no place for anyone to go... We are all in this area of 2 rooms. It feels like being in jail. What was a bit annoying and laughable is now becoming annoying and aggravating. I want to brush my teeth but the water from the tap is yellow. Pierre is trying to sleep on the floor which looks like it hasn't ever really seen any soap or water. At least Pierre and I travel well and we keep trying to find the humor in the situation. The whole time, planes are coming and going and we are here, without our passports or any information. I have just started reading "Frankenstein" to kep myself busy. I want to save the batteries for my CD player in case this turns into a long-term deal. I can't imagine how those guys have managed to live here for several months now. More people are coming in, perhaps some help will arrive as well...

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