Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I woke up just a little past six this morning. It was in that space between sleep and wake that I thought about how I needed to spend my day looking for a job. The past thirty months or so have been full of false starts and it has been issue of work that has bothered me the most.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to stop with the blogging. I couldn’t do it anymore. The same old gloom and doom and rehashing of everything I had said so many times before. An outlet and therapeutic at first, writing had become a way for me to keep myself locked in the moment. I went from making me feel better to compounding the situation. So I made the decision to take a break and refocus.

So instead of focusing on what I didn’t want, I took the time and really cemented an image of what I did want. My resume is not one that fits into any specific career category. Rather, it speaks about my drive, my personality and the kind of person I am. It is a resume of building things, helping people, taking risks and achieving goals. It is not a safe resume. It is one that has been driven by my dreams instead of titles. Some careers were a great fit. Some weren’t, but I learned from each of them. So when asked about the type of job I would like to do, what would make me happy, I didn’t have a really clear vision or answer. My ideal job is a smash of things ranging from training, coaching and leadership to strategy, marketing and social media. I also love the idea of helping people and making a difference. Finding a job that incorporates all those things is just not realistic, so I spent the time focusing on a few different paths I could take.  

I woke up just a little past six this morning. It was in that space between sleep and wake that I thought about how I needed to spend my day looking for a job. And then my reality came into focus and I realized I have a job. Yes, I got a job. It wasn’t even one I applied for, it was one that came to me. I will be doing training, coaching and leadership as well as strategy, marketing and social media, among other things. And it gets even better - I will be doing those things to help other people, making a difference in the lives of others and the community. Empowering people and helping them succeed. And getting that same thing right back. One thing I have always loved about training and coaching is that I also get something out of it each time. Teaching and helping others teaches and helps me.

Last Thursday, I walked through the doors of my new life and a future that keeps me awake. This morning, once the realization of my new reality set it, my mind just started overflowing with ideas. They have ben an endless river and I have the opportunity to turn many of them into a reality.  Walking each day, I feel a little lighter, more myself. I can laugh without that feeling of impending doom lingering in the background.  

And to the person that made this happen and the people who have cheered me on, loved me supported me and helped in ways I can’t begin to describe, thank you. There is no way I could have done this on my own. And I am grateful and blessed I didn’t have to.