Sunday, August 06, 2006

How Sweet

One thing that never ceases to surprise me, is when a serial killer, rapist, shooter, or other criminal is arrested and their friends, neighbours, colleagues and grandmothers all come out to say how kind, sweet, unassuming, that person is and how they would not even hurt a fly. Maybe they wouldn't hurt a fly, but seem to have no problem at all with other things. The latest example is this bit from a news item:

Accused 'Serial Shooter' described as 'really sweet'
Friends, neighbors say they are surprised, confused by arrest

To people who know him, Dale S. Hausner simply is too sweet, too timid, to have terrorized city residents in a rash of late night shootings as police said Friday. He was always polite to friends, never rude. A lover of boxing who decorated his room with drawings of his favorite athletes. "He doesn't even look like he would know which end of the (gun) barrel the bullet would come out of," said Mary Ann Owen, a Las Vegas photographer who has known Hausner since 1999.

That just warms my heart. I think I will go out now and buy the world a Coke.

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