Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy New Year

Today is my last day as a 38 year old, and tomorrow begins the final countdown to the Four-OH! I spent my last day of this year with my old friend Karen Caprenter, who kept singing softly in my ear as I walked around the city pondering the meaning of it all. It was the perfect day to feel sad and lonely - the sky was grey, it rained off an on and was a bit chilly and the sounds of "Rainy Days and Mondays" was spilling into my ears. I, however found myself not feeling sad at all. Introspective yes, but that always happens around my birthday. I realised that I have simply been trying too hard and been way too hard on myself. As much as I hate to admit it, I am merely a human, flesh and bones, a man. I am normally not one for New Year's Resolutions as most people who make them, make them with the intention of breaking them, like saying something you know know someone wants to hear cause you know you will get some sex out of the deal if you do. It's that little game we play with ourselves. We quit smoking for 2 days and then pick it back up because our boyfriend or girlfriend left us, when in fact, we didn't want to quit in the first place and merely spent the two days without looking smoking looking socially responsible and for any reasonable excuse to start again guilt-free and the cycle then repeats itself. (Just for the record, I do not smoke, but yáll know who you are). Tomorrow starts a new year for me and I have decided that I need a resolution. I have decided not to take everything so seriously and to try and find the balance I seem to have lost at some point along the way. So for those who know me, feel free to call me out on this one if I should slip, slide or otherwise not comply. If I make an excuse, nod, smile, tell me you understand and then knock me over the head with a brick until I get it.

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