Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Models Inc.

I came into the office yesterday and was greeted by Renaud, Fred, Sebastien M., Damien and Antione S., who were all part of a smorgasbord of men waiting for me at my desk compliments of Karin. Perhaps I should clarify… they themselves were not waiting, but there was a stack of headshots from Flag Models, an agency in Brussels, sitting next to my computer to wish me a happy week. Well, I put my shopping skills to work and immediately started rating, ranking and judging in my own version of Holland’s Next Top Model. The majority did not make it to the final round, but a few of them did and there they will remain, ensuring a nice view at my desk.

Speaking of models… Just last Friday Nik and I were shopping in Amsterdam when we came across Sanne, the winner of Holland’s Next Top Model, rocking her new Gucci handbag. I know the old proverb about casting one’s pearls before swine, but what about when the swine is carrying the pearls? There she was, ugly as ever with that same glazed look of stupidity on her face that has been plastered on billboards all over the country. I must say, her victory was a sad day to models everywhere. I can only hope that she ends up on a shoot with Naomi and that Naomi gives her a brick filled Berkin bag right upside the head.

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  1. Ohhh..... we love Sanne... She's only 18 and from the outback of the Netherlands... Give here some credit. ..