Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Dream

Last night I had the most crazy dream and still have no idea what the meaning of it was. It was one of those dreams you get when you are almost asleep, but not quite and it involves one of my favorite subjects, airport hygiene. In my dream, I was in a bubble bath. That in itself is not so odd, but what is odd is that I was in the baggage claim section of an airport and instead of the luggage carousel, it was a flowing bath like a water ride at an amusement park. And not only that, but I was waiting for Elizabeth Taylor, (not the old one that we know today, but the glamorous one that played Cleopatra). I have no idea why I was waiting as she never bothered showing up. Rude, I know, but she stood me up. Me, stood up by Miss T right there in the middle of my airport bubbles. Imagine the humiliation, the despair, and the travelers giving me their sad looks as they walked past. Is that simply a premonition of what 2007 holds in store? Whatever happened to the good old fashioned dreams of arriving naked at work only to be pointed at and laughed at by your colleagues?

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