Monday, January 01, 2007

Jan 2

Due to the few emails and phone call I got from friends about my last blog entry, I guess I should be clear that I am not depressed, downtrodden, broken hearted or down with love... I wrote that about the experiences of not only myself, but also friends of mine... So, no need to worry. Really! I'm still the guy who will throw caution to the wind and jump in the deep end of the ocean... I started writing that entry already in November, and just revamped and reworked it to post yesterday... Of course, I never mention friends in any way that would compromise anything they told me, so I wrote it all from a first person perpective... I am actually doing great... well, with the exception that I am due in the office in just a couple of hours and, of course they will expect me to work once I get there. But this is a short week and I am free next week, popping down for yet another week in Brussels to relax, watch videos, read and, if the weather is nice, revisit Bruges with a camera and loads of film. I know someone as technologically advanced as I should be working in digital, but there is something I love about 35mm.

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