Sunday, January 21, 2007

Karma Points

I spent the afternoon shopping around Connaught Place, having a fabulous lunch of Murg Chaarnimar followed by drinks at a blues themed bar, where I had a Mexican beer while listening to John Denver… What a confusing world we live in sometimes. What a difference a decade makes. Last time I was at Connaught Place, I was hassled, harassed and bombarded…. This time, it was bliss… I was listening to my iPod via my B&O headphones, sporting my blacker than black sunglasses and I was in my own little world. Even at Palika Bazaar, I seemed to be in my own little bubble of existence and it was just great.

I did have a bit of a near afterlife experience on my way home. There I was in a rickshaw, when suddenly a cow pulled out in front of us - no signal, no nothing, just pulled right out as if she had a green light on her side of the sidewalk. My life flashed before my eyes in shades of grey and beige and I knew that if we hit the cow, all my karma points would be wasted. It would be like being sent to jail in the big Monopoly game of life... No get out free card, just there until I managed to roll doubles with the cosmic dice that rule my fate at the moment. Fortunately, the driver is a bigger believer in the holiness of cows and the damage they can do to one's karma should you strike them with your rickshaw than I am and he quickly got us out of harms way and into the way of a tree growing in the street. It was a close call, but here I am, two big swerves later, limbs intact and confident in the knowledge that an unharmed cow is still making his way casually down the street as cows here so often do.

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