Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Monkey's World

I have nothing to write about today. I won’t bore anyone with tales of my move from Defence Colony to East of Kailash which is proving every one of Murphy’s Laws to be true. I am sure nobody is interested in how the AC guys have managed to destroy every newly painted wall in the flat, even ones in rooms where they aren’t working. I shouldn’t go into the fact that in spite of specific instructions and the use of three translators, they managed to mess up the installations. I am sure you don’t want to know how my white marble floors are covered – and I do mean covered – in brick dust from where they broke through the walls. Do you really want to hear about the neighborhood peacock that I have yet to see, but can hear, making that annoying mating call sound thing they make? Or perhaps the discovery of neighborhood monkeys, meaning I will not be able to leave windows open unattended, clothes out on the balconies to dry, the birds out alone to get some sun or any food laying anywhere in the open. I am sure nobody is interested in the fact that the house looks like it is weeks away from being finished and yet everything is being moved at 11:30 tomorrow morning. Tomorrow being the last day of the month, there is no choice on that whatsoever.

And then I read on Ms. Sizzle’s blog about a little black mold problem going on in the building she manages. Black mold. That’s it? I will see her black mold and raise her a pack of monkeys, an annoying peacock and the brown cow outside who keeps looking up and sneering at me when I am on the balcony. I am so frustrated and stressed, I am ready to go to Seattle just to bang on her door in the middle of the night and have her sort it out.

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