Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I found myself sitting in 360 at the Oberoi, having one of my favorite drinks, the “Japanese Martini” which is a magical blend of gin, sake and the required three olives, served so cold it leaves frost burn on the taste buds. I originally stopped by the Oberoi to check out the new Hermes boutique. As my birthday is rapidly approaching, I find myself consumed with ideas about what to get myself and decided on a certain watch. I am almost 41 and it is high time I got me some nice watch. I have my eye on the Hermes with the double wrap band. It is not so expensive, just over a thousand Euro. But Toto, we are not in the real world anymore and somebody has dug up the yellow brick road and replaced it with a concrete grey subway line. We are in India, and that very same watch which should cost about 50 thousand or so rupees is costing over 130 thousand. For that price, I can fly to Paris, stay a couple of nights, purchase the watch, debut it over dinner at Buddha Bar, fly back and still save money. Luxury items do tend to be a tad more expensive, but more than double the price is just unforgiveable.

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