Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feeling Better

And then another day arrives and I don’t feel as wintry as I did.

Yesterday, a meeting took place in my rather large and embarrassingly appointed office. I am currently located on the C-wing, right between the CEO and CFO. Basically, you go up the stairs to Boring, hang a right at Uninspired, walk through the third non-descript door on your left, though the room my assistant would be using if in fact I actually had an assistant and you enter into my dull and overly air-conditioned room. Look around and you will see a wrap around desk in one corner, a little round table which I actually use as my desk, a sofa for two and a matching chair. Add to that a non-functioning oscillating fan and a permanently stained white board and you get a feel for how my office looks. There is the one fire extinguisher hanging on the wall just in the event I type so fast sparks begin to fly.

There was a small group of us, only four holding a meeting here in my office. One of the group was the new General Manager for the agency. He sat in the chair that matches the sofa. He was well turned out in his perfectly pressed blue striped shirt and perfectly creased trousers. We were engaged in a rather serious discussion about one of our clients and for a second I looked down to collect my thoughts. And there they were, the white gym socks shoved into the leather shoes.

I ended the meeting as quickly as I could and started to laugh. Not at him, just in general.

And I felt a bit better.

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  1. Hey Robb,
    Followed your link from Neil's.
    I love your blog.
    Yes, I can imagine that it would take a lot to get me to feel at home in India. It's such a different culture --and unless I'd brought someone with me as well as a bunch of my books and such, I'd feel a bit out of place. Oh, I'd also need my dog.