Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just Rambling

This morning I feels like ramblin'... Nothing particular on my mind, so let’s see what bubbles up…

At this very moment I am sitting in the Barista in Defence Colony Market, having my morning Lavazza latte. Normally I have it iced but today I decided to start my day on a dangerous note and drink it hot and frothy. One table over are two Buddhist monks dressed in the burgundy and saffron dress of the monk types with shaved heads, specs and sandals. I always thought that one of the principals the Buddhist monks aspired to was separation from the things of the world. To live a simple and meditative life. To achieve Nirvana.

Why then do I always run into them while shopping. Always at some luxury mall or market, never at the cheapy places, shopping bags in hand, saffron shirts branded by United Colors of Benneton and sandals by reef or Nike or Reebok. Not casting any stones here – If anyone lives in a glass house, it would be me – it is just that it contradicts what I thought the whole monk thing was about. I acheive Nirvava via shopping and cocktails, but I thought monks were different. And I thought I was always right. Could I possibly be wrong? The thought of the possibility of it cuts through me to my core.

Whats next? What is there to talk about? Oh, I know… Same-Sex Marriage. What are people so worked up and worried about? It’s not as if it affects them. If they don’t agree with same-sex marriage, then I have a piece of advice, make sure there isn’t someone of the same sex waiting for you at the altar. All this talk about protecting marriage is crap. My parents’ marriage was not ruined by people of the same sex running out and getting hitched. It was pretty much ruined by divorce, which followed the infidelity, the inability to communicate, the refusals to apologize and the fact that my parents should probably have never been married in the first place. But it was the sixties and there was Vietnam and that’s what people did. They graduated high-school, got married and had babies. If people really want to change the laws to protect marriage, then ban divorce, make infidelity illegal. Make lying to your spouse a punishable offense. Would there be anyone left on the streets?

And then there is CNN. Have you seen the polls on their site? The world is full of war, disease, famine, crimes against humanity and on and on I culd go and instead of motivating people to get involved and make a difference or at the very least become informed, they ask questions like:

  • Britney Spears: Is She America’s Most Important Cultural Figure?
  • Would you rather live in the country or in the city?
  • Linda Hogan is dating a teenage: Do you think it will last?
  • Do you think Tyra Banks is the new Oprah?
  • Do you care what your cabin crew look like when you fly?

I have looked and looked, but I can’t find the option that lets me respond with “who gives a fuck?!”

Except for that last question. I have been watching the show “The Ghost Whisperer” lately - half-way through season one - and am suddenly very aware of “earthbound spirits”, those people who have unfinished business and can not yet cross over. What if the plane I am on goes down? What if I crash? I do not want to be stuck here roaming the planet with some ugly flight crew while waiting to step into the light. I start eyeing up my possible after-life companions as soon as check in starts. I think things like “Will that hottie be on my flight?” or “God, I hope they don’t put THAT person next to me”, which always means THAT person will be seated next to me. And THAT person won’t have taken a shower in days. Or used soap if they did. Don't even get me started on the lack of deodorant. And they will invade my space by using more of the shared armrest than is politely appropriate. And they will want to talk to me, or they will fall asleep on my shoulder.

I think airlines should change their class specifications… Economy, Business, First and Hot. I would pay extra for that option. Checking in should be like Facebook. We can adjust our status – Married. Married but who cares. Single and hard to get. Single and easy. Slut. We can check out the pictures, see if they are hot and if not, see if they have any hot friends. We could choose who we want sitting next to us. But then I begin to wonder… Would anyone pick me to sit next to?

And then I begin to think perhaps some things are just better left to chance.

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