Sunday, September 03, 2006


Someone recently asked me if I was real, and after lots of self examination, introspection and soul searching, the only answer I could honestly give was “I’m not sure.” But then I thought perhaps, just perhaps, blogus ergo sum. I know, I am also amazed at how comfortable I am using Latin phraseology. But don’t be confused by the blog that I’ve got, I’m still Robb from the block.

AnaŃ—s Nin once said “things are not as they are, but as we are.” Does that mean then that things are not as others are, but as I am therefore making it ultimately all about me? Definitely a point for me to ponder on this gloomy Sunday. Things were definitely all about me last night. Friends in from Milan, raspberry mojitos, oysters drowning in lemon, white tequila and loads of Tabasco… All the stuff that makes life worth living. And in a semi-alcohol induced moment of invincibility, I agreed to go with a friend to get a touch up on that Brazilian wax but woke up this morning and saw the error of my ways, especially given the fact I am going to be standing for hours and hours and don’t want to chafe. Especially not while wearing my brand new pair of Madonna underwear. One of my best friends in Italy shot her underwear campaign and when he came to visit a few weeks ago brought me a pair of underwear and a speedo. Until now, I had not found the right occasion to wear either, but decided to break out the pink silk briefs for the concert. It will be a sort of homecoming for them. A full circle moment in the life of men’s undergarments. Not unlike Calvin Klein wearing his own underwear. Does he? Another important point to ponder. What if Calvin actually prefers Ralph Lauren? No wonder I am having trouble sleeping these days…

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