Thursday, September 07, 2006


Justin Timberlake may have brought sexy back from wherever it has been hanging out, but I am putting it into a small suitcase and taking it to Paris today. Or as most Americans call it, Paris, France... That of course is to eliminate any thoughts that it might be Paris, Texas or Paris, Illinois or Paris, Kentucky or Paris Hilton, etc... Yes indeed, if I have my way, sexy is not only back, it is on tour and I am going along for the ride!

For the record, I am going to the one with the tower, the museum, the arch and the foie gras. Going to Paris is always one of my favorite journeys yet it also instills a panic as I decide what to wear. In Amsterdam, any old thing will do, but when going to Paris I know I am going to be smashed on the slide and placed under the fashion microscope. Things get chosen and then discarded, chosen again, mixed, matched, discarded, reconsidered and then carefully placed in the small but practical Samsonite(and all this for one night). That reminds me of a little song I used to sing along to in the 70s... Do a little dance, make a little love, buy Samsonite.

My own prep is equally nerve-racking. There's the DIY microdermabrasion treatment (A little lactic acid never hurt anyone), full body exfoliation and moisture masking as I don't want to be accidentally littering my DNA all over Rue des Archives and then there is the emergency whitening to make sure the boys are at their pearly best, but I must admit it is about time to send them back under the laser.

And all of this on almost no sleep as the thoughtful crews working on the tramlines have decided it is OK to jackhammer and use other heavy machinery all through the night. Planning is everything. Combine that that I had a nervous dog spending the night who also could not sleep and passed the time placed mass quantities of her hair all over my flat and you can imagine the mental and emotional state I am in at the moment. But soon, I will be speeding toward Paris where I will spend the evening at a birthday party for my friend Laura sponging up all sorts of juicy stories and private details to share with all of you...

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