Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Who knew that a McFlurry could be deadly and who knew that there was such a thing as the British Hedgehog Preservation Society? I most certainly did not, but thanks to McDonalds, CNN and the near extinction of those furry yet often misunderstood creatures, I am now have a new charitable cause on my radar screen. I seems that that hedgehog, while being lactose intolerant (yes, I did do a bit of research for this piece of responsible journalism) has a weak spot for McFlurries. It also seems that McFlurries have a weak spot for hedgehogs as well. Sort of a dog-eat-dog situation.

McDonalds irresponsibly and I do believe quite deliberately made the opening for the McFlurry large enough for the little guys and gals to get their tiny heads into, unaware that it was a one way door leaving them unable to exit resulting in a number of furry bottomed McFlurry cups blindly wandering the streets and aimlessly bumping into walls to the excitement of children of all ages who immediately said "I want one of those". Little did they know that the poor creatures were doomed to die. I firmly believe, and I have for some time now, that is the fault of the hedgehog and not the ill planned design of the cup. It would appear that the little rodent regularly commits one of the 7 deadly sins... Gluttony. I say let them that's gluttonous put their heads in a cup and let the gods decide.

Of course, McDonalds not wanting to be known all over the world as the grim reaper of small rodents has conducted "significant research and design testing" and new hedgehog-safe packaging has been developed. We can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that when that cup is tossed out the window, dropped on the street or littered in any number of ways, the hedgehog will be safe and sound, here to see another tomorrow.

Until they get hit by a lawnmower.

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