Thursday, July 03, 2008

Queens, India

How long does it take to go from New Delhi, India to New York, USA? Apparently it’s only a ten minute walk.

Yesterday evening I took a little stroll around the area and found my self in Amar Colony Market, which is less than ten minutes on foot from my front door. I found a Café Coffee Day and ordered my new signature drink, a Cranberry Granitas which for anyone who doesn’t know what a granitas is, it is basically a slurpee, or as Starbucks likes to call them, “Frappucinos”, which are basically overpriced slurpees. So there I was in Amar Colony testing out the new Vodafone service on my iPhone. I am in love with the map feature that then pinpoints where I am. Something addictive about it. It is like my own version of “hide and seek,” I go someplace and see if technology can find me. But yesterday, the little gadget placed me on Long Island. In New York. Oddly enough it put me just a few miles from here I used to live, almost like the past was reaching out to me, beckoning me back. So while I was sitting in Amar Colony, India/Williston Park, New York, I decide to click a picture of my surroundings and post a Tweet. Within seconds I got a reply back saying “It looks like Jackson Ave in Queens to me.”

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