Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Design Deficient

When I wrote that last post, I had no idea the pig pile of stinky stuff I was stepping into. It seems that making over a blog is not as easy as, let’s say, total reconstructive facial surgery. No, this is far more complicated and I have come to realize that I am simply a complete idiot. Style sheets, XML, HTML, gadgets, widgets, small handheld appliances of the battery operated variety… None of it makes any sense to me. Ankit sent me an sms wondering where all the color had gone. I thought of suggesting I was making a tribute to the glory black and white days of Bette Davis cinema, but knew he would see right though my feeble attempts at covering up my lack of templating skills. So I have decided to do what one does when in India – Find someone to do it for me. I do work for an advertising agency. I am surrounded by creative types, digital types and the occasional nerdy type, but that is neither nor there.

So now all I have to do is find someone I could bride, coerce, would be willing to help me out…

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