Thursday, July 31, 2008

Felt Up

Going anywhere in Delhi means going through a security check that goes something like this… Walk through metal detector, stop, hold arms out while security officer either scans with a hand held wand, or rubs your body up and down with his hands, open bags close bags and move on. I am not a prude, but I like my space and sometimes I just feel the security check is well, just a bit much. Today, for example. I happen to be wearing jeans that are snug but not so snug you can tell my religion and a form fitting t-shirt which they then slowly move their hands over and I wonder what they are possibly looking for. There is nothing larger than a piece of scotch tape I could possibly be hiding under my nipple high-lighting shirt. And then they move down the leg and grab at the pockets. They feel something and then they grab again. While nobody has ever grabbed Sparky, he has certainly been brushed by countless security guys. And then comes the lower leg and backside feel. They get in real close, breathe a bit in my face and bend over, putting their face right in my crotch as they feel up and down the legs and then around the buttocks, giving each a little squeeze before standing up, smiling and waving me through. That happened to me four times today. It really makes me very uncomfortable.

And it is not as if these are really fabulous and sexy muscle hunks that make you think “bring it on and keep it coming…” and then ask “Are you sure you checked everywhere? You want to check again? I am almost positive I put on some weapons of mass destruction this morning. Hold on, let me think… Shave, brush, hair product, bronzer, nuclear war heads, keys, phone… Yep, I’m sure I got some on me somewhere… Perhaps I need to be strip searched… Just for the safety of the people…”


  1. hey robb,
    like the tone of your blog now much more than the first time i read it. it just seems much warmer and actually getting an insight into you, if not your life. this is not a pre-requisite for a blogger, but then if youre making an attempt, you might as well get it right.

    and yes, design of your new blog is terribly boring:)
    and perhaps people would comment on your posts more often if they were ensured a response from you...

  2. Thanks for the comment - And see, I am responding!!! I have made some interim design changes so it doesn't look like too boring...

    As far as content goes, I am actually not sure what I want to do at this stage... Do I try to stick with more funny, superficial stories or go more personal? And then ho do I go more personal and still maintain an element of privacy?

  3. much better! not that i am crazy about the purple text, but yes it does look like some 'interim' with something more hopefully on its way. the image that you had posted earlier, the one with women carrying pots along a road was definitely very engaging. not to say your elephants arent funky:) but then, youre in India and you post elephant images... hmmm.....not the ultimate Indian reality is it now?

    this is something that has always bugged me and has remained unresolved to this day. I can't imagine discussing the intricacies of my personal life at all. I personally thought it was rather brave of you to put up the post 'Manuel & Me' I am aware of the fact that blogs are made highly personal as they are your 15 minutes to fame and that we, as an species, just cant contain our curiosities. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to do either...just see clearly who your audience is or you want to be. Rest assured I would be dogging it.
    But nice to see you not being so 'white' in your blog.