Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dinner With Danielle

Last night I had dinner with the fabulous Danielle. We met about a month after I moved here and for me, it was love at first sight. She’s one of those amazing people that have lived in all over the place, speaks half the languages on the planet and everything she owns has a story. I am currently looking for a comfy bed, something I am having a difficulty finding in India. I asked her about her bed, which looked amazingly comfy as I was wandering through the house waiting for her to put on the finishing touches for dinner. The response began “When I was in Bogota…” Then I eyed the amazing carved tortoise on her floor and after I commented the response began “When I was living in Jamaica…”

While I have known Danielle probably longer than I have known anyone else here in India, she and I have never really done anything that was just the two of us. There is always Anjali or Chris and Poul, or Stephen and Pierre or all of the above. Not that it is a complaint in any way, it has been a few months since all of us were together and I could really use a dose of all of them. It was just an odd revelation for me that we hadn’t spent any alone time and it was really great just having her all to myself for those few hours.

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