Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Week 4

The end of week 4 in India is rapidly approaching… For the most part, most of my time is spent working and since the wedding in Gwalior, I haven’t really seen or done much… But all of that is changing this weekend as I have 3 days off and am planning on seeing some local sights and relaxing with a few people who I am hoping become friends…

The homesick blues hit a few days ago and I have been feeling a bit lost and misplaced. What I miss more than anything are my friends, that small collection of people that know me, know by the sound of my voice or the look in my eye when something is wrong, know when I need to talk, need to cry or just need some good bubbles and truffle-laced nibbly things. Making friends here is not as easy as it first appeared it would be, but that is mostly to do with my hectic work schedule. I can never make plans because I never know when I will leave the office or have to go in to work. Usually by the time I leave in the evenings I am too tired to go anywhere, and the weekends I just don’t really have the energy to be entertaining and bubbly, so I put my nose in a book or try to spend some time on my own and just recharge. I am hoping someone comes to visit me soon – Yes guys that is a request! Book those tickets now, and make sure your seatbelts are fastened and tray tables are in their full upright and locked position or in the armrest beside you.

It has been raining here quite a lot the last week and that makes Delhi a very different place. The brown and grey hues on everything are temporarily gone, the plants seem green and happy and live and the air smells fresh and feels light when you breathe in. It also cools the air, which seems to have made our office monkeys happy. And by office monkeys, I mean real monkeys that live here somewhere near the building and are quite often on the roof terrace. In fact, just yesterday I was having a coffee on the roof and was temporarily joined by a monkey. It was not as if we were shaking hands or anything like that, but I find those kinds of experiences quite magical. They still surprise me, but then it has only been just under 4 weeks, although in some ways it seems like months.

Well, that’s it for now…

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