Saturday, February 17, 2007

More Ramblings...

With a war in Iraq, child killers in Africa, anarchy in the Niger Delta, 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty and other non-relevant and pointless stories in the news, I was relieved to finally be brought up to date with the most pressing issue of the day. I feel like I have been living in a sub-continental vacuum, completely unaware of what is going on in the rest of the world. I was so caught up other issues, I temporarily lost my focus on what is really important. So imagine my surprise when I saw that Britney had shaved her head. The shock! The horror! This is a pure outrage, which on a scale of crimes against humanity is completely off the charts (not unlike Britney's career these days). I can only hope that we, the young people of the world can unite our voices and take a stand. I truly believe that we can really make a difference if we set our minds and hearts to it. Perhaps a benefit concert is in order?

But all the otrage aside, I have to say that Britney is looking very "L-Word" these days, albeit in a more butch, "Britney the Builder" sort of way as opposed to the glamorous gals we normally see, but I for one think lesbian diversity is a good thing. Too many lipsitck lesbians might just throw off the balance in their fragile, tennis and golf playing community. And besides, somebody needs to drive those big rigs.

So here I am, entering week number 5 here in fabulous Delhi. Friday was Maha Shivaratri and that meant a 3 day weekend for yours truly. Friday I decided to go for a haircut which in the blink of an eye also became a shave, facial and manicure. Anyone who knows me know that I hate to shave. It is a vulgar curse that we men are forced to endure. I wonder if this did not come about when as punishment when little Eve batted her L’Oreal lashes and got Adam to sink his pearly whites into that apple. Eve got painful childbirth but we men got something far worse. I have heard that childbirth is painful, but it only goes on for a few hours and then you women are done. You get time off work, gifts, you get to buy new clothes, you become the center of attention and then after a few hours of pushing and justified swearing and name calling, it’s done until the next time. And, I might point out that you CHOOSE to have a baby.

Men, on the other hand have to shave several times a week for our whole lives. It never goes away. Hours after we are done, here it comes again, that 5-O'clock shadow being pushed out by the gallons of testosterone coursing through our veins. We shave and we shave and what do we get for it? Nothing. No gifts, No clothes. No time off work to recover and bond with our smooth cheeks. Anyway, I have decided that while I am quite loving my Gillette Fusion Power - I know, it is such a blatent for of product placement, but being in advertising, I just couldn't resist - I have decided that I am going to turn the other cheek and let someone else do the shaving. Normally I get a shave whenever I am in Milan, at the salon in the Dolce and Gabbana Men's Store. That shave is good, this was so much better. I am totally hooked and now 3 days a week I will go and get the whiskers trimmed. My only other option was to not ever shave or get a haircut and become a Sikh, but try as I might, I just can't carry off a turban.

Today I start my Hindi lessons and hopefully will come away with a higher level of Hindi than I speak now. I can count to 10, say thanks and tell people to fuck off, but that is about as far as it goes. Today I am hoping to learn enough to at least ask for a beer or other assorted beverages in various temperatures. I think after my lesson, I will go to Dilli Haat to look at some artsy craftsy things. I need to make my little place here more of my little place instead of just a place where I am using a bed and a shower. I share the living, dining and kitchen areas with my room-mate/boss and have my own rather large-ish room and bathroom that I need to put my own signature on. In fact, I think I am going to contact an agent this week or next and start looking at some other flats. I love the area here, but would like to live a bit on my own. The flat on the top floor here will be available in 2 months, so perhaps I will move there. It has a huge terrace which would be perfect for cocktail parties on those rapidly approaching balmy Delhi nights.

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