Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The riddle went something like this: Three friends are having dinner at a restaurant and the bill comes and it is 45 ruppees and then they go to the cashier to pay the bill and they are told it is only 40 rupees so they get 5 back and have to split it between 3 people. One guy takes 2 for himself and gives the others the 3 to share. 40 divided by 3 is 42 so where did the extra rupee go?

I am sure I lost something somewhere in the translation. I was asked this by my driver, who I have a hard time understanding even when we are passing by, say, the Lotus Temple and he points and says ‘There! Lotus Temple!” – I usually have to pause, take in my surroundings, translate and then ask “what?” and then he points and says “Lotus Temple, Lotus Temple” and then I get it and say ‘Oh, Lotus Temple… Very nice.” That about sums up the style and depth of our conversations.

He is a very nice guy, I just have a hard time understanding him. He has taken to communicating the interesting news of the world to me and yesterday the only word that caught my attention was “porn”. I was a bit shocked to hear that word from my driver in a country where porn is not really done but everyone appears to have a vast collection. It turns out that he was telling me that terrorist groups were passing messages to one another via porn sites. It made me wonder how such a thing was done and so as soon as I have the time and the proper bandwidth connection, I will go looking for hidden meanings.

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