Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Trading Places

I just read about a man, a red paperclip and his blog. It seems that Mr. Kyle MacDonald of Montreal used his blog to trade his red paperclip for something of a bit more value. He ended up with a fish shaped pen, which he then traded and whenever he got something new, he traded it for something better, including such highly desireable items as a Budweiser sign and a ceramic knob until, at long last, he ended up with a house. A 3 bedroom, 1,100 square foot home. So to all my friends out there, I have some string I would like to trade for a boat. Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

I am officially in a state of shock. I have just learned that former N-SYNC member Lance Bass is gay. I had not seen that one coming at all. I obviously need to take my gaydar into the shop for recalibration because it is severely malfunctioning. Personally, I find it highly irresponsible that a former member of a boy band would just come out and drop a bomb like that.

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