Friday, December 22, 2006


No sooner had I arrived in Brussels than we cram into Nik's sporty little car and head to Rob - The Gourmets' Market. I have always believed that grocery shopping should be left to the help but this time I had no choice as I was literally a hostage. The whole way there Nik ranted and raved about what a fantastic place it was and after our Harvey Niks experience a few months back, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. We arrived and upon entry I realized that if heaven has a grocery store, it will pale in comparison to Rob. Upon entry one is greeted by bubbles of all sorts. Veuve Cliquot. Perrier Jouiet. Billecart-Saumon. It was like a reunion with my best friends. We darted and dashed through aisle after aisle, drooling over the various oils, pestos, cheeses qnd veggies. Just when I thought things could not possibly get better, there he was, the red-haired cutie handing out samples for the tired and huddled masses doing their almost last minute Christmas dinner shopping. While in most stores one gets samples of cookies, fruits, salamis or coffee all stuck on toothpicks or poured in paper cups, he was distributing healthy portions of Perrier Jouiet champagne in crystal glasses. Suddenly, I looked up and there she was, a vision in black Chanel, knee high boots, leopard print scarf, perfectly coiffed hair, bright red lips and a pair of fabulous glasses that set off her botoxed face in just the right way. She was fabulous. She knew it. She gave as much of a smile as one can give though that much botox and then she was gone, like Glinda in her bubble. I immediately needed some sympathy food and luckily we stumbled across foie gras filled brioches. It was just what the doctor ordered. In fact, they were so yummy that Nik and I have decided to go back and buy armloads of them tomorrow.

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