Saturday, December 30, 2006


Yesterday ranks up there as one of the most perfect days I have had. There would be no way I could have improved on it if I had painted the canvas myself but it was a day that just became more magical as it unfolded. I have been this past week hiding out at Nik's flat in Brussels while he is travelling, just to relax and get away from all the ills of modern life, a week to be spent reading, writing, watching movies and just spending time on my own. Yesterday I took a day trip to Bruges. I had been hearing about Bruges for over 16 years from a friend of mine and had seen hundreds of pictures but to see it all in person and during Christmas was just amazing. It is one of the most romantic places I think I have seen. More than Paris. Well, different than Paris. Paris is grand where Bruges is intimate. The history, the swans, the buildings, the myths, it is the kind of place where one can be alone and fall completely in love. It is a place trapped between the worlds of yesterday and tomorrow where mystery hangs in the air.

Now I am back in Brussels on a grey, cold and rainy day and still the sun seems to be shining and the world feels like a better place than it did yesterday.

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