Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas at Nik's

All the Whos down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot,
But the Grinch who lived just north of Whoville did not,
But this blog is not cheering the Whoville of Whos,
But my little friend Nik who is one meter two,
Because this Christmas weekend he will play host,
To only the friends that he enjoys most,
And of course I am topping that VIP list,
For a dinner on Saturday not to be missed.
But Friday we start with a cocktail night,
To set the holiday season off right,
‘Cause when it comes down to shakin’, Nik takes the cake,
No cocktail is he unable to make,
Bottles of bubbles are sure to abound,
And lots of yum yummies will be all around,
Then into the city we will surely go,
And not be very stingy with our “ho-ho-hos”
At Fontaines and the Beligica our small gang will call,
The goal to be seen by one and by all,
For our little group so cheerful and bright,
Will be the talk of that pre-Christmas night.
And on Christmas Eve a dinner we’ll share,
A feast with our favorite holiday fare,
And we’ll drink and we’ll dance and we’ll gossip galore,
And keep it up till we can take it no more,
And back to the city we will most likely travel,
To see how the evening is wont to unravel,
It will be fun, it will be bliss,
A weekend I would be crazy to miss,
For surely a brunch on Christmas Day,
Is the only way to keep all the Grinchies at bay,
Eggs any style and juices of choice,
Are the things that make our hearts rejoice,
In closing, to all I send some holiday cheer,
And let's have some bubbles early next year!

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