Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This morning, after a week long hiatus, in which my body came crashing down around me, I am back at the gym getting myself whipped into something that Santa may just slip under someone’s Christmas tree, eliciting ooohs and aaahs from the happy recipient. Hard to believe that there are only 8 weeks left in this year and suddenly I feel the pressure to go out and get my aluminium Christmas tree which I will decorate with poodles of assorted colors, thus showing just how hip and happening one person can be. But first things first…

I need to go on holiday and so have been peeking around here and there, looking for the right destination. Why is it that there only seem to be vacations with pictures of scantily clad honeymooners or some ugly family bonding over the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet? What about those of us who do not fit into either scene but who also do not want to lower our standards to the level of an EasyCruise? EasyJet is one thing, EasyCruise is something else. There are only so many sunburnt British any one person should be subjected to in a 12 month period, and believe me, I have reached my quota for this year.

The problems with holidays is that there are so many decisions to make. City or nature? Beach or mountains? Which continent? Romance or sex? Rest or total sensory deprivation? It is all just too overwhelming at times and I find myself wondering if I should just not stay home. Currently on my preferred list of places to go are: Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Athens, Nice, Ferrara, Barcelona, Morocco and Iceland. I just can’t decide what to do or if I am going to do it alone or with someone… Anybody up for a holiday?

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