Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Stalker

Last night at the beginning of dinner I received a call and the caller ID showed a name of a person I thought I would never hear from again. Several months back, I had a few drinks and dinner in the course of one evening with someone I met online who from that moment on basically stalked me. Not that I blame him as I am quite fantastic. The calls would literally arrive seconds apart from each other, I would ignore them and then the text messages would come followed by more calls until I would have no choice but to switch off my phone. Finally, after a month or so of this, he finally sent me a message saying what a cold and heartless person I was and that I have ruined everything there was between us. He said I would never hear from him again, that he was through. A few minutes later I got another text saying he was really and truly through and that I would never get another message from him. 10 minutes later he would call, I would ignore the call and another text would arrive saying he was absolutely finished with me.

Then the messages would stop. Sometimes for 24 hours, sometimes for 72, but then they would start again. The poetry, the requests for another chance at our relationship. Shortly before I went back to Europe, I was at Aqua with Stephen and Pierre and he kept texting and calling and finally I took the call to basically tell him I wanted the calls to stop, that I was involved with someone and he had no chance. He then asked that in lieu of having a relationship if we could just have sex. I said no. I then got the following text message:

 "Hey I thought about something, it's been a month of chasing you and I'm tired, I have never been so desperate that I had to call someone and request him for sex. Perhaps that was the only thing we could spend time together, I do not have any patience, Rob I think there is nothing we could give each other, I hate to say this but I am never going to call you again"

10 minutes later my phone rang.

Since coming back from Europe, I have a completely new number that very few people have, and yet somehow he managed to get hold of it and phone yesterday. So the saga continues. My phone rang and I ignored it as I usually do when it comes to him and then he called a few seconds later from another number. I took the call so as not to have to put up with calls all through dinner and I pretended not to know who it was.

He told me he would call me today. Yippee.

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