Monday, September 08, 2008

Morning Disco

Iced lattes from Barista are part of my normal getting ready in the morning routine. Driver arrives every morning at half past eight and then it is off to Kailash Colony Market where I have my first drink of the day while also digesting HT City - all the news I ever need. I couldn’t possibly consider going to work without being hip to all the Bollywood/Hollywood gossip. I don’t participate in water cooler conversations, I am the water cooler. A hot and cold dispenser of celebrity tidbits and fashion news.

Normally entering Barista at that time means being greeted by Celine Dion. If I know anything by now, it is that her heart will go on. I am beginning to think they press play on that song the moment they see me coming up the steps because it always seems to be in the same part of the song every morning. I open the door to “You’re here, there’s nothing to fear” and I feel instantly important and special in a Titanic sort of way. But all that changed last week. It seems they have simultaneously discovered J-Lo and the volume dial. And the normally empty and quiet Barista was suddenly crowded and jumping and for the first time in my life, I found myself wanting to hear Celine.

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