Thursday, September 20, 2007

Near Death Experience...

This morning I woke up as I do on most mornings, hit the snooze on my phone which doubles as my alarm clock a couple of times and rolled over for an extra ten minutes of power sleep before hopping into a nice a cool shower to start my day. It was when I opened the door from the bedroom that panic struck. The rest of the house was filled with the unmistakable smell of gas. I immediately shut down all the electricity and switched off the gas. No need for a coffee, I was wide awake. That is actually the second time in 3 months that I have had an issue with gas and it is not at all a fun experience. As it happened, one of the burners had been left on after cooking dinner. The only thing that probably saved us was the fact that some of the windows were open and so it didn't get too backed up. It is only now, when writing this that the potential disaster that could have happened is actually sinking in... But here I am, all in one complete piece.

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