Saturday, September 22, 2007


Nik is on my list. My Facebook friends list, that is.

Here I was in Delhi, trying to lead a simple, ordinary life with a few bubbles here and there and suddenly I find myself hooked on Facebook. I have been neglecting my Wii, turned my back on the Twilight Princess and instead have been adding applications, sending hot potatoes, virtual booze and poking people. And it is all Nik's fault. I never would have signed up had it not been for his request. Nik is my style guru, my connection to all things hip, happening and fabulous. But now here I am, a complete and total junkie. I can't get enough. I want more and more and more. It's like cyber crack and I am in danger of overdosing...

And it appears I joined in just the nick (no pun intended) of time. Scanning through pics from friends of mine, I find that they have posted the most unflattering image of me they could possibly find. It's not like Stephen and Pierre don't have other pics of me. We see each other pretty much every weekend when they are in town and there is almost always a camera around. But which pictures do they post? The ones taken when I was in hiding from the bad hair police for fear of being thrown into some jail with the latest Bollywood criminal. Its an outrage. Even as I type I am plotting and planning my revenge.

All joking aside - and I am not joking about the Aqua pics, Pierre - I am really feelin' Facebook. It's great to sort of hang out with the friends I would be really hanging out with if they lived closer. Last night it escalated when I discovered over blueberry mojitos at Sevilla that Stephen and Pierre have Facebook profiles. I wasn't surprised Stephen had one, but Pierre never really struck me as being so hip and happening, and he has had one for awhile. What planet have I been serving donuts on that this has completely escaped me? I have only had one for a couple of days. Not only does Pierre have a profile (where one can find the before mentioned bad image of me), he stays online via his mobile and added me while we were standing at the bar. I was immediately jealous and ordered another drink. I tried to access mine via my mobile, but the darned thing doesn't let me online. Maybe just as well. If I am going to be smoking virtual crack, then perhaps it is best done in the comfort of my own living room.

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