Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Forty-Six For My Forty-Sixth

Yesterday, I turned forty-six. I remember a time in my life when that sounded like such an old and wrinkled number, but now that I am here, it doesn't feel that way at all. The past few years have been amazing, difficult, challenging, incredible, magical and infuriating to use but a few adjectives. I have decided to start this year off with a list of things, people and events I am thankful for. Instead of going into the year on a slippery slope, I want to start from a base of thanks and then go on from there. Here are forty-six things I am thankful for, some on-going, some just happened once, but they are all amazing and valued... And in no particular order of importance.
  1. Ulco
  2. Getting to know my sister Laura and her amazing family
  3. Meeting David
  4. Learning to ride a bike again
  5. Being able to hike in the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Arches, Valley of Fire and Joshua Tree
  6. Long talks that begin with “I have a question...” or “If you...”
  7. Sharing red wine
  8. Feeling inspired again to pick up my camera
  9. Taking pictures with my talented niece who I hope falls in love with photography
  10. Early morning Garageband sessions with my young nephews
  11. Spending a week at my sister Ava's house
  12. Losing thirty pounds :-)
  13. Being able to drive again
  14. Walking to the beach from my front door in just a few minutes
  15. Seeing dolphins while walking on the beach
  16. Thrifty ice cream
  17. Having a beer under the stars in the desert
  18. Having people who believe in me, especially in those moments I don't
  19. Falling in love
  20. Reconnecting with people I had lost touch with like my Godmother and my aunts, who I can't wait to see again in person
  21. Impromptu morning dances and plays performed by Christina's gorgeous daughters
  22. Feeling like myself again
  23. Being able to say “I'm sorry” and rebuild relationships
  24. The realization that an old dog (me) just might be able to learn new tricks
  25. Being Uncle Robb - Officially and unofficially
  26. The people who have been there and helped me, even when I was too embarrassed to ask
  27. Learning to ask for help
  28. Rooftops
  29. Friends around the world
  30. Life – I have had a close call, but I'm here
  31. Being able to laugh at myself
  32. The courage to let someone else see who I am
  33. In and Out... How I have missed you all those years!
  34. Having a marvelous kiki in the car
  35. Skype and FaceTime – So I can see the people I miss
  36. My health
  37. Weekly calls with Laura
  38. Feeling good about the future
  39. Learning to be more me
  40. Caring less what other people think
  41. Better music selection on my iPhone – Thanks David ;-)
  42. Warm summer beach days followed by cool evenings
  43. The moments I can sit calm and just be
  44. The ability to stop and really look at things, not just pass them by in a hurry
  45. Having more than forty-six things to be thankful for
  46. The knowledge that there are a lot more things to be thankful for heading my way

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