Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some New Drugs

A few days ago, I wrote about the houseguest. After that post, her family arrived in the form of a husband and two children and suddenly everything is different. For starters, she is now a vegetarian again, eschewing meat and non-soy milk products. The television, which in this time of unemployment, job searching and American Idols, has been my sanctuary and my rock, has now been taken over and is basically on twenty-four hour Nickelodeon. These children don’t seem to know, or worse care, who Tyra Banks is and who is still in the running for America’s Next Top Model.

The good news was, that they were only staying for two days, and scheduled to leave this very evening by seven. But now, breaking has it that they will be staying a bit longer. An entire week longer. I want to pull out my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love children. I do. I am the first one to break out the Legos or give Barbie a makeover. But this house was not meant for so many people. It is perfect for four people. Not for seven. And certainly not for about ten days. We have marble floors, high ceilings and almost no furniture. Sound just loves to bounce around the walls at elevated volumes.

Unemployment does have an upside and I have gotten very used to having my days free. My days are mine. Ten hours or so each day of just me, me, me. There is a season for everything, and this is my season to the selfish on a personal and non-greedy level. I can wake up, lounge about the house in whatever previously worn clothing I happen to grab off the floor next to the bed. I can listen to music. I can watch TV. I can read a book. I can sit quietly and ponder life. Even when there are other people in the house, I can always retreat to the bedroom for a bit of quiet. I need quiet. I like quiet. Not all the time, but I like a nice frothy cup of quiet every now and again, it just makes the day go down a lot smoother. It helps keep me sane.

Yet now, even as I type this while hidden away in the bedroom with the door closed, I hear voices. I hear kids yelling. I hear people talking. I hear Nemo plotting his way out of the aquarium. I hear complaining. The only consolation right now, is that these voices are not in my head and I now there is an end to the insanity. But, I am not without a bit of help, I just got a stash of some amazing mood-altering drugs to get me though: Over 8GB worth of newly downloaded Hed Kandi, which I have just started playing while typing that last sentence.

The world is once again looking something like a mirrored ball…

For now.

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