Monday, March 31, 2008

Boobs, Anyone?

Leave it to the press to ruin a perfectly good thing. Normally I would be the last person to complain, but this time, I feel it is time to take stand for all that is sacred and good in this world. I feel that my freedom of choice has been trampled upon. It was just a few days ago that I stumbled onto that phenomenon sweeping the Internet. It is not so much a game as it is an interactive reality show, but now it seems that my new-found addiction is being attacked by right-wing extremists claiming it sets a bad example. I feel this qualifies as moral terrorism and crimes against humanity. And they have incorporated the use of weapons of mass destruction: words and narrow-mindedness.

Like Townsville, Miss Bimbo is under attack!

Miss Bimbo is my current drug of choice. She is my escape from the ills of everyday life. Some people choose to take recreational hallucinogenic drugs, I take refuge in a world of pixels, HTML and Flash. The premise is simple. You register and get your own bimbo. I named mine Pupita. Then I am given goals that include employment, wardrobe, hair, boyfriend, and weight management. I can spend my bimbo dollars to dress her, rent her an apartment, feed her, give her diet pills, send her to therapy and even send her in for plastic surgery. All of which I have done. Each of those activities gives my bimbo more bimbo attitude. The more attitude, the more popular she becomes, the more likely she is to bag a millionaire boyfriend who can then buy her more things, make her more popular and the cycle goes on. My next steps were to get her a gym membership so she could get into table-top dancing shape and bag herself a boyfriend and get that cool apartment.

But then today I went to the site and found the following messages:

  • As a result of this rather surprising media attention we have decided to remove the option of purchasing diet pills from the game. We apologize to any players whom this may inconvenience but we feel in light of this weeks proceedings it is the correct action to take.
  • We would also like to sincerely apologize to our players for the media comparison of Miss Bimbo and Paris Hilton. We feel that this does a disservice to the players whom send their bimbos to university, tea parties or chess tournaments.
  • At this time we would also like to remind players that the Miss Bimbo team assume no responsibility or liability for any fashion faux pas, hair style disasters or boob jobs incurred in real life as a result of playing the Miss Bimbo game.

What I find really outrageous, is the attention this is getting. Great for the makers of the game, but I have a hard time with people going after the easy target. All the claims that playing this game will give young girls an inferiority complex, make them run out and get boob jobs or other plastic surgery is absurd. Have those people sat and watched just 5 minutes of any MTV video in the last few years? Have they seen Victoria Beckham? Or what's left of her? Pamela Anderson? Any episode of “The OC”.

As an avid player of video games since Pong was invented when I was a young child, I feel like I have been let down. Outside of the virtual space, I have never stolen a car, robbed a bank, been involved in a police shoot-out, rescued princesses from castles, raided tombs or contemplated a boob job. I guess this is the part where I blame my parents for not raising a more impressionable child who can’t tell the difference between reality and entertainment. My inability to give into the pressures of gaming and cinema are obviously ruining my life.

So that said, I feel it should be bimbos for all.

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