Monday, March 05, 2007

Holi Pics

A family on a motorbike... yes, on one motorbike... Quite a common site, although usually with faces not quite as pink...

This is what all of our hands looked like... and still do ;-)

A guy at a gas station...

2 Guys on the street watching the dancing

Getting sprayed with some very cold water...

Playing snack vendor at India Gate...

Me at India Gate

The rocking party on the terrace across the way... The red and green "smoke" are colors that have been thrown into the air...

Me and Anuj

Holi in my hood...
Me and Anuj

Posing at India Gate

More business opps at India Gate

Striking a pose at India Gate
Part of our group at Anuj's

Dancing in the streets

Me, Sgarad and Anuj - the end of a party...


  1. Robb,

    I love the Holi pictures. What a great time. I have to get one of those shirts and hang it in our living room. What a conversation piece it would be.

    BTW: I think you hair looks great pink. ;-)

    All our best buddy. Enjoy India.


  2. Anonymous26/3/07 08:11

    hi Bob!I love your pictures